Message from the President

林 史章

President and representative director of HAYASHI TECHNO CO., LTD.
Fumiaki Hayashi

Our company is manufacturing the injection-molded products using the special materials etc. called magnet and PPS. The material which cannot be easily handled in any other companies just because there is old know-how accumulated originally.
Furthermore, it is our big strength we can also complete all even from a design to metallic mold, manufacture and an inspection in our company.
The injection-molded product produced through detailed communication with a customer and thorough quality control is incorporated in parts which control the temperature of an air-conditioner, vehicle mounted buzzers, sensors, small motors, etc., which have been regularly used by a large indefinite number of people all over the world.

We feel worth challenging the “craftsmanship” accepted in the whole world from the place of Minowa, Shinshu.
No matter what type of industry it may be, it is everything how we respond to meet customer’s various needs, and that produces profits and gets the economy moving.

What I’m conscious and tackling especially now is achieving customer satisfaction, although it is natural.

And therefore, it is “creation of a system” for all the employees to devote themselves positively.Of course, including maintaining quality highly, we are always making strenuous efforts to create an environment of the corporate culture taking in a positive idea about a process before reaching it.

With social diversification and a constant change, the technique to meet the needs from a customer is constantly advancing. This is because we think that it is important to the atmosphere that each one always grows to make use of a technique peculiar to the company and to enhance the differentiation under such an environment.

But that I myself am a type which likes change and growth may have influenced primarily.
I had received the stimulus by coming into contact with people and also by those attractive who were shining, and compared to ten-year and five-year before, my way of thinking has been changed.And my heart pounds when I only think about what kind of idea I will have in five, ten years later. Although our company is around 40 employees’ small-scale company, we always have the will of the world and high motivation for the growth against the world.

And I’m spending days filled with stimulus while engraving the word as “thanks” from which is inherited generation after generation in the memory.


Management philosophy – The view of all the activities of our company

A sense of gratitude

A sense of gratitude

Mission – Our Mission

We, HAYASHI TECHNO, are pursuing safety for special material ejection articles, such as magnet material and a high-performance resin, by metallic mold technology, forming processing technology, and automation technique.It is our mission to provide a safe and comfortable life to everyone all over the world through customers can use reliable products

Vision / Value

The figure and the sense of values which our company should go
Have their own ideas, and trust each other, challenge and continue to grow.And, continue contributing service with all the true “feeling of thanks” to the people in the world.

Quality policy

  1. We aim at the only one company of injection molding parts, injection magnet parts by injection molding technology, molding technology and automation technology.
  2. We keep catching customers’ needs accurately, continue asking for the efficient production, and aim at the company which always evolves.
  3. We value social environment and earth environment in it.

Quality goal

As a quality priority target, PDCA activity is established

  1. complaints is minimized.
  2. Prompt action and recurrence prevention at the time of the claim occurrence.
  3. Improvement of customer satisfaction (safety, product quality, delivery request, manufacturing cost, other requests, etc.)
  4. Reduction of manufacturing cost

We aim at the above.

Human resource development policy

We aim at human resources, “Having their own view and are trusted mutually, and challenging, and continues growing”